SOLUS association history

SOLUS, interest association of legal persons, whose goal is to contribute to the prevention of overindebtedness of clients, to prevent growth in number of debtors in delay, to increas enforceability of existing debt overdue and also to reduce the potential of financial losses to creditors within so called responsible lending.

Milestonesin the association's activities


květen – 2017 – spuštění On-line výpisů na základě jednorázových kódů

březen – 2017 – spuštění mobilní aplikace SMS výpis pro iOS

březen – 2017 – spuštění nového webu sdružení


June – 2016 – Associations SOLUS came under § 20from Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On consumer protection, as amended

February – 2016 – launch SMS distribution SIN codes


December 2015 – Czech Parliament approved an amendment to Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On consumer protection, which confirms the possibility to process data in the registers of client information without the consent of the data subject

September 2015 – changing the organizational structure of the Association, appointment of the first Commissioner’s personal data

August 2015 – enter of the first peer-to-peer platform to SOLUS


June 2014 – SOLUS became a member of the International Association of registers client information ACCIS (Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers)

March 2014 – launch of Mobile application the SMS statement


červen 2013 – spuštění služby Alerty a Hromadný dotaz.


October 2012 – New sector, entry of the first insurance company to association SOLUS


December 2011 – first edition of SOLUS Index – index of regional statistics

November 2011 – launch of  The Register of third parties

July 2011 – launch of  The Positive register


February 2010 – launch of the service SMS statement


November 2009 – New sector, entry of the first retail chain to association SOLUS

June 2009 – Association SOLUS celebrates 10 years of activity

May 2009 – deployment of voice telephony service – AudioText

January 2009 – launch of The Insolvency register


August 2008 – launch of The Register of invalid documents


November 2007 – New sector, entry of the first building savings bank to association SOLUS

May 2007 – exceeding the border of the 5 million queries


May 2006 – New sector, entry of distributor of electrical power to SOLUS Association


September 2005 – New sector, entry of all three telecommunication operators in SOLUS Association

June 2005 – start of the seminars “The path to responsible lending in the Czech Republic”

May 2005 – launch of The Register of Legal Entities and Entrepreneurs


August 2004 – completion of the inspection from the Office for personal data protection

February 2004 – transition to on-line functioning of The Register of natural persons


March 2001 – New sector, entry of the first bank to association SOLUS


September 1999 – first data entered in off-line version of The Register of natural persons

June 1999 – founding of the association SOLUS

The association SOLUS brings together a number of companies from the different economic sectors. These include non-bank financial institutions, banks, telecommunication operators, energy distributors and other companies. All these companies can, thanks to their membership in the association SOLUS and through the Registers of the SOLUS Association, effectively manage the risk of the services they provide.