Creditworthiness Register

On 1st January 2024 SOLUS Association launched a new Register of Creditworthiness. This Register collects and processes both negative and positive data about clients and their contractual obligations related to consumer credits. Positive information indicates that a client fulfils his obligations to a member of the SOLUS Association properly. On the other hand, negative information refers to a non-fulfilment of a client’s obligations arising from contractual terms (typically non-payment of prescribed financial instalments). Thanks to the Register of Creditworthiness, financial institutions can more easily and more accurately evaluate the fact whether a particular client is able to bear more financial burdens or not.

You can find detailed information about the extent of information processed in particular registers, identification of subjects and entities which may have access to personal data during their processing, description of functioning of particular registers, statement on the security of processed data and the instruction on the rights of data subjects in the document Information on registers of the SOLUS Association..