FAQSOLUS registers

What are the conditions for inclusion into the Register FO (Register of natural persons) and Register IC (Register of Legal Persons and Entrepreneurs)?

Consumers not meeting their obligations relating to the activity of at least one Member of the SOLUS Association  involved in the activity of SOLUS Negative Registers are included into the Register FO or Register IC. We can find the up-to-dateist list of Member companies.

The criterion for initial inclusion into the Register of consumers is the fact that a consumer is in delay with fulfillment of his liabilities from a credit, leasing or another agreement, from which financial obligation after maturity arose to him towards the creditor and this delay lasts for a set period.

Is there any criterion of minimum debt amount for inclusion into the SOLUS Registers? Is a debt of, for example, 30 CZK, included into the Register?

The minimum debt amount for initial inclusion info the SOLUS Negative Registers (Register FO and Register IC) is 500 CZK.

Will I be included into the SOLUS Negative Registers in the case I forgot to pay one leasing installment or invoice for telephone services?

Recording to the Register FO or Register IC is realized by the member company of the SOLUS Association usually after 3 consecutive unpaid installments (In the case of telecomunications it is delay, that takes 3 unpaid invoices or 3 months from the maturity date of unpaid invoice).

At the begining of the contract it is possible to record a debtor into the Registers SOLUS after two unpaid installments and at the end of the contract in the case of one last unpaid installment. The member company can record its client also in case of cancellation of contract due to default on the part of the client.

In every case the time of delay is not less than 30 days.

For how long is the information kept in the Register FO and Register IC?

The Register FO and the Register IC gather negative information about clients which are not interested in fulfilment or are not able to fulfil their liabilities. The Register FO and The Register IC contain only information, which is necessary for client identification and the information about the breach of the obligation to repay.

The Register FO and the Register IC do not include any kind of sensitive personal information, nor other subsidiary information like information about the client´s income. Pursuant to the request into the Negative Registers the only information which the member company receives is the identification of the client (this information they already had) and the information about the debt or it´s repayment. The information about the repayment is kept in the register for three years after the end of the delay.

In case of electronic communications services and energy supply services for the period of the client’s delay with the payment of his / her obligations and one year after the end of the delay.

How can I get the information whether I am included in the Registers of the SOLUS Association (Register FO, Register IC, Positive Register)?

Based on an electronic request via a web form or a written request with your signature, you have the possibility to obtain information about whether you are included in the Registers of SOLUS (Register FO, Register IC, Positive Register), what data are kept about you and the source of the information in question relating to your personal data. Your identity must be accompanied with a photocopy of the identity document (identity card, residence permit, passport) or an officially verified signature.

The address for sending a written application with your signature is: SOLUS, zájmové sdružení právnických osob, Antala Staška 510/38, 140 00 Praha 4 – Krč.

To receive the statement from the FO Register, you can also use the fast SMS service. The basis of the service is the SIN code, which you can order via the request

The response to a request for information may be charged in the cases referred to in Article 12 (5) of the GDPR.

Link to web form for Electronic Application.


Internal security provisions do not allow:
* To process the answer to a request for information personally while one waits.
* To provide the answer to a request for information per telephone.
* To process the answer to a request for information in an accelerated procedure.

I have settled all my liabilities after maturity, why am I still included in the Register FO and Register IC?

Records are not erased immediately after the repayment of the debt after maturity because the information about breach of payment schedule (with following repayment) is relevant for decision processes in the risk management. Your personal data, including information on the payment of an overdue amount, for which you have been included to the Register FO or Register IC are kept in the registers for a period of three years since the repayment of the debt. After this period the record about you is automatically erased from the registers.

In case that debt was on the product „Telco “, „Energy” or „Gas“ the record is kept in the register for one year since the repayment of the debt. The record is erased automatically.

I have settled all my liabilities after maturity, when will the Register FO or Register IC will be updated?

The member companies of the SOLUS Association have the obligation to update the database at least once a month, always by the 10th day in the calendar month according to the status as of the last day of the previous month.

What shall I do in the case I was included into the SOLUS register unreasonably?

The cases, when consumer is included into the SOLUS Register without reason are very rare.It usually happens because of identity theft. If you are in doubt about your inclusion into the SOLUS Registers, please contact the member of the Association who is responsible for the record. In the case of undue inclusion the record is immediately deleted.

You may also contact the Data Protection Officer at poverenec@solus.cz.

Can I be deleted from the register at my own request?

The deletion of records from the Register FO and the Register IC occurs automatically after:

  • 3 years since the date of repayment of the debt after maturity or
  • 1 year since the date of repayment of the debt after maturity, if it is an obligation arising from a contract for an electronic communications service (telephone, internet) or energy supply (electricity, gas).

In case of the inclusion of personal data in the Positive Register, the record is recorded:

  • for maximum of 3 months, if the contract was not concluded (this is information that you have requested a service from a member of the SOLUS Association)
  • for the duration of the contractual relationship and for three years after the fulfilment of all obligations towards the member company, or
  • for the duration of the contractual relationship and one year after the fulfilment of all obligations towards the member company, if it is a contract for electronic communications service (telephone, internet) or the energy supply (electricity, gas).

The data is automatically deleted from the Positive Registry after the stated period of time.

These periods of time are set within the limits specified in §20z sec. 11 of Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended.

You can in writing express disagreement with SOLUS against the evidence of your personal data in the Positive register. In such a case, the operator will remove all records relating to you from the register without undue delay and take measures to prevent further records relating to you from being entered. Such your statement should include your first name, surname, maiden name, any other name, birth number, date of birth, nationality, identity card number, passport number, identification number (IČ) in case you do business, address of your permanent residence and your signature. If this information is not included, we may not be able to identify the records that apply to your person.

Expressing disagreement with the evidence of the data the Positive register does not affect the records in the negative registers (Register FO, Register IC).

If you believe that there are specific reasons for earlier deletion of your personal data, please provide us with the most detailed description of these reasons and relevant documents and send it to poverenec@solus.cz.

Can I apply for a loan or another product of the member of the SOLUS Association, if I have a record in the SOLUS Register?

The members of the SOLUS Association decide about providing of their services pursuant to ability of the client to fulfill his obligations. To analyse this ability the members use a wide spectrum of available information which includes also the information from the SOLUS registers.

If other available facts show that the client will be able to fulfill his obligations, the existence of the record of some past liabilities might not be a problem for obtaining a service.

Why is there is a fee to be paid for the statement?

The fee for a statement is charged in the case of legal entities, and in the case where the request is repeated or strictly harassing.

How long does it take to process a request for a statement?

According to GDPR, we are obliged to respond to a request meeting all the requirements without undue delay, but not later than one month. In exceptional cases, we can extend this deadline by another two months. The current time of delivery is:

      a) SMS Statement – 1 minute
      b) Generating SIN code – 2 days
      c) Regular Statement – In case that your request for the Regular Statement from the SOLUS Registers fulfils every necessary criterion, it will be processed without undue delay in accordance with the law and in the order in which it was received and registered, no later than 30 days after filing the request.

Do you enable quick accelerated processing for an additional charge?

We do not provide such a service. See also the answer to the question “How long does it take to process a request for statement?“

How will the answer to the request will be delivered to me?

We can deliver the answer to the request for a statement in two ways:

  1. If you have requested in writing, you will be responded again in writing by post,
  2. If you have requested online, you will be responded by email.

We will deliver the answer to the contact address you have provided in your application. By post, we only deliver the statements to the Czech Republic. The answer will be delivered to you by Společnost pro informační databáze, a. s. (SID), which is the processor fulfilling the statutory duty of SOLUS.

It is possible to send the answer to the request for statement to a third person?

We always address the statement to the person, whose personal data are stated in the statement. We will send you the statement to any contact address in the Czech Republic. In case you need to send the statement directly to third person, this person needs to have the power of attorney, which must contain officially authenticated signature of the grantor.

What kind of information do I get from the statement?

You will learn from the statement whether you are recorded in the database or not. If you are recorded in the database, then you will further learn what personal data are recorded about you, information about the existence of a debt or its payment and information about the company which included your data into the database (source of data).

If you are interested in more details concerning the circumstances of your inclusion into the Register FO, Register IC or Positive Register, you have to address the Member companies, which provided your data to the database (source of data).

The SOLUS Association confirmed, that my personal information was blocked in the Register, but I can still see them in the statement.

The statements of processing personal data are for your personal use and, in accordance with GDPR, contain all personal data that SOLUS processes about you, regardless of whether or not they have been blocked. However, other potential recipients (members of SOLUS) do not receive blocked data when they make a query (as part of your request for providing service).