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What is the SMS statement service?

Through the SMS statement you can easily get information about your debts which were reported to register of natural persons of the SOLUS Association and which may affect the provision of a mortgage, loan, lease or other services from member companies of the association SOLUS.

This is a premium service beyond your statutory right of access to personal data processed.

What are the benefits of SMS statement compared to a paper statement?

You can check your debts at any time and from any place in the Czech Republic without a visit to the post office. You will receive a response in one minute.

How to use the SMS statement?

Before starting the use of SMS Statement you need a SIN code under which we can identify you.

After obtaining the SIN the use of SMS statement is very simple. Send keyword SOLUSspaceSIN (your personal code) to the number 902 02 and you recieve SMS with list of your debts from member companies of the SOLUS Association in SMS. Or you can use our new application for cell phones with Android system. The application compiles the request SMS and receives and archives incoming information. For users who order SMS statements repeatedly we offer a lower price of seconds a subsequent SMS statement.

You can download the application here:

How to obtain SIN?

You can ask for your SIN through the electronic application form Request for SMS statement.

What is SIN and why do I need it?

SIN (SOLUS Identification Number) is an eight-letter code that is required for the use of SMS statement. Without SIN the SMS statement service can´t be used. SIN is used to identify the client and allows him to check debts listed in the Register FO.

Do not disclose your personal SIN to other people! We recomend to treat your SIN as for example the PIN of your credit card.If your SIN was compromised you should block it immediately.

When my SIN code expires?

The expiration period for the SIN which was not used yet is 6 months.

How to order SMS statement by the SMS?

You have to type the following text to the SMS (instead of SIN you will type your eigth-letter personal code.)


for example: SOLUS LNIEDEKY

and send it to the telephone number 902 02.

You will receive SMS statement with a list of your current debts (from telephone number 902 02 099). Unless you receive SMS statement in few minutes, you should check (with your operator) if Premium SMS service is allowed for your phone. You should also check your phone credit. Price of the service is listed in Price list.

you can use our new application for cell phones with Android system. The application compils the request SMS and receives and archives incoming information. For users who order SMS statements repeatedly we offer lower price of second a subsequent for more information www.smsvypis.cz.

You can download the application here:

What kind of information is contained in the SMS statement?

The formal structure of the SMS statement:

debt amount_1, creditor_1; debt amount_2, creditor_2; … ; relevant to [date a time]

Example 1: 0 Kc, Company1, s.r.o.; 14109 Kc, Company2, a.s.; relevant to 1.2.2010 11:02

Example 2: V soucasnosti pro Vas SIN v registru neni zadny zaznam (prislusne rodne cislo neni evidovano); aktualnost dat k 15.12.2013 16:30)

This means that: There is currently no record for your SIN in the Register (the relevant birth number is not recorded); current date to 15.12.2013 16:30)

SMS statement contains the most important information about your current debts listed in the Register FO. You find information about each debt amounts and about individual creditors which reported these debts to the Register of natural persons based on your consent and date of validity of SMS statement.

Zero in your debt amount means that your debt was repaid. This information is in the Register for three years since date of repayment of the debt. In case of the product „Telecommunications, electronic communications services or product of electricity or gas” when the source of the record is telco operator the information about repayed debt is automatically deleted after one year since date of repay of the debts.

If you want details about your debt listed in the Registers we recommend to contact the member company which reported this record.

There are no identification data in the SMS statement.

The SMS statement does not contain the date of repayment of debt which starts a period for automatic delete.

When I try to send an ordering text (SMS) for SMS statement, my mobile phone states: "Failed to send a message", what does it mean?

This means that service of Premium SMS are not enabled on your mobile phone. You have to ask your mobile operator to enable it. This error message appears to customers of O2 and T-Mobile networks. Unfortunately, Vodafone will let you send the SMS, even if the service is blocked, but they will not deliver you the statement.

What to do if you haven´t received the ordered SMS statement?

If you have not receive the SMS statement, ask your operator to enable the Premium SMS service and send the ordering SMS again (charged is only the delivered SMS statement). If you have allowed Premium SMS service and you have sufficient credit and you still have not received the SMS statement, call the Customer service line of SID, a.s. on the telephone number 222 368 707. SMS statement is charged only in the moment when the SMS with the statement is delivered. SMS statement service is available in the network of O2 Czech Republic a.s., T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. and Vodafone Czech Republic a.s.

What happens if you accidentally send a request for SMS Statement more times?

Technical Solution SMS extract does not allow the user to get more than one chargeable SMS extract for six hours. If you accidentally send multiple requests in a row, and you will receive only one answer that is charged and contains an extract from the register.

On the other applications you will receive a royalty-free info sms: “Since your last request by SMS vypis unexpired enough time (you can only enter 1 for 6 hours).”

Why can be the SMS statement used only from one mobile telephone number for one person?

You can use only one mobile telephone number bound to your personal SIN in order to ensure maximum security After your first request your telephone number will be recorded. This mobile telephone number will be checked in subsequent queries in order to ascertain whether a query on a given SIN was realized from the appropriate mobile telephone number.

Can I send more SIN from one mobile telephone number?

No. You can request only with one SIN from one mobile telephone number in order to ensure maximum security. You can replace the saved mobile telephone number by anotherproces while simultaneously granting the consent to the same extent for the new mobile telephone number.

How to change telephone number for using SMS Statement service?

You can change your telephone number through the Customer service, after they verify your SIN code and your original telephone number. Contact information for Customer service can be found in the Contact section.

How to block your SIN?

Blocking of SIN because of its disclosure is possible through our Customer service after verification of your SIN and telephone number. To further use of the SMS statement service, you will need to request a new SIN. Contact information for the Customer service can be found in the Contact section.


Please note that this service is charged according to your tariff. This line is operated by Společnost pro informační databáze, a.s.