Auxiliary registers(ND, IR)

The Register of invalid documents (Register ND)

The Register of invalid documents is an auxiliary register of the SOLUS Association. It is based on data and information from database of Invalid documents. The additional value of the Register of invalid documents is the possibility to enter newly stolen ID card or passport. It ay be done by a member company (due to request of citizen) and also by the citizen personally. The member companies have an unique possibility of online verification if the applicant uses valid document. The Register of invalid documents contains data from official database of the Ministry of the Interior and also data entered by the citizens.

The Insolvency register (Register IR)

The Insolvency register is auxiliary register of SOLUS Association. Its main database is created by data and information contained in the ISIR. The added value of the Insolvency Register is a wide variety of menu options and forms of queries. Is it possible, for example, to verify the existence of a particular client and to receive detailed information about insolvent debtor. It is also possible enter mass query including the ability to receive instant notification upon the occurrence of a new insolvency of the debtor in a portfolio of the partner. Or use configurable monitoring application, for example, highlights the creditors’ committee meeting dates.

The operation of the registers was terminated June 30th.