Social responsibility

Within its social responsibility the association SOLUS is chiefly engaged in raising awareness in the area of debt and education and increasing transparency in the market. The goal of the Association is to contribute to the prevention of overindebtedness of clients, to prevent growth in the number debtors in arrears, to increase enforcement of existing debt overdue and also to reduce the potential financial losses to creditors within so-called responsible lending.
Among the major projects that SOLUS cooperates with in this area belong for example:


Association SOLUS supports the European commission´s information campaign focusing on the rights relating to consumer credit which focuses on the three key rights:

  • the right to request pre-contract basic information in a clear and standardized format;
  • the right to withdraw from a credit agreement within 14 calendar days from its signing;
  • the right to repay consumer credit earlier.

Know your rights in the area of consumer credit – clearly and succinctly summarized
More information about the project can also be found on this official website


The main goals of the project are mapping and describing of the Czech market of consumer loans, assessing the quality of individual providers, offering the public a tool through which financial institutions can be more easily compared and thereby helping to improve the ability of the residents to choose the right financial product.


Counseling center with branches in Praze, Ostravě, Ústí nad Labem and external sites in Plzeň, Hradec Králové, Šumperk, Litvínov and Česká Lípa provides an independent non-profit counseling to natural persons – consumers how to avoid the debt trap and how to get out of it if need be. All counseling services are free incl. monday’s free helpline.


A public benefit association Etická výchova founded in May 2010 by two civil associations to contribute to an improvement in ethics education and financial literacy in the Czech Republic. Representatives of the SOLUS association took part in one of the projects – Financial education of second grade’s students of elementary schools in Prague 6 – in the form of lecturing. During May and June 2013 a total of 9 lessons on the theme of “healthy and unhealthy” debt was held at schools in Prague 6. The students received practical advice on how to approach their future liabilities and their own responsibilities. The students also received specific advice on how not to be cheated by fraudulent companies and how to prevent misuse of personal identity (for example. due to loss of newly acquired identity card). A natural part of the lectures was also showing the functioning of the Registers of the SOLUS Association and their benefits.


Aliance proti dluhům was founded in May 2011 as the professional platform dealing with the issue of over-indebtedness. It associates professionals and experts from government institutions and non-government non-profit organizations, especially those that are actively dealing with over-indebtedness and its solution.

Alliance Program was incorporated into the government approved “Strategy for Crime Prevention for years 2012 – 2015”.The goal of the Alliance is to connect and bring together experts from governmental and non-governmental institutions and to develop the process of broad discussion and gain support for their goals.


SOLUS long supported projects in the field of financial education to citizens. Increasing financial literacy is, in addition to prevention and responsible risk management on the part of member companies, a major factor in limiting the negative effects of over-indebtedness of citizens. Also, because the Association welcomes activities such as the publication of the book
End of financial illiterates in Bohemia from Patrick Nacher.

In the book you will find easy recipes, how can common sense prevail over stupidity, hypocrisy and demagoguery! The principles of financial literacy explains the author using the familiar adage – simple recipes and rules so mastered quickly and easily.