How to become a member of SOLUS

SOLUS brings together a large group of the companies from different economic sectors. These sectors include non-bank financial institutions, banks, telco operators, energy distributors and others. All of these companies can manage risk of their services effectively thanks to their membership in the SOLUS Association and through the useof the Registers of SOLUS. Due to the variety of their member base the Registers provide unique information from different economic sectors.

The SOLUS Association is an open association. Its membership is open to legal persons (company, financial institution, bank or other legal entity) which have a seat in the Czech Republic and which are offering financial, insurance and/or similar services and/or supply of specific goods of service as long as these activities result in long term or repeated receivables with future expected one-time payment, payment through a payment schedule or a series of regularly repeated payments.

If the company wants to join to the Association it has to to fulfil requirements from § 20from Act no. 634/1992 Coll., about customer protection as amended.

The member can be only a company that has a potential to follow the Code of Ethics of the Association.

Conditions of membership

Applicants for membership should submit in writing a request to start negotiations leading to membership in the association SOLUS, namely to the chairman of the Council of SOLUS association. Attached should be a completed Questionnaire for applicants.

In the membership application the applicant shall state whether she is interested in engaging in:

  • the Register of natural persons and / or,
  • the Register of Legal entities and Enterpreneurs and/or,
  • the Positive register and/or,
  • the Register of third parties and/or,
  • the Insolvency register and/or,
  • the Register of invalid documents and/or,
  • the association activities.

After the signing of the non-idsclosure agreement, the chairman of the board of the SOLUS Association or sthe ecretary of the association shall provide the applicant for membership:

  • statutes of the association,
  • rules relating to individual registers or auxiliary databases of SOLUS,
  • recommended wording of the personal data procesing consent,
  • contracts for the implementation of pre-accession audit controls, including methodological process control.

The processor (Společnost pro informační databáze, a.s.) will also provide on the basis of a non-disclosure agreement, the information on technical and commercial conditions for the use of registers.

The applicant for membership is also required to submit a copy of registration at the Office for Personal Data Protection, wording of the consent of subject data and the way of securing the processed data. A representative of the applicant for membership is invited to a meeting of the committee or committees and / or the association board meeting where the representative of the applicant for membership is able to acquaint the committee / committees or the association board with the position of the applicant related to the documents provided.

The next step is pre-accession audit review of the applicant for membership in the Association. Audit report of the pre-accession controls is evaluated by the board of the Association.

The admission of an applicant for membership in the Association as a member of the association is decided by the members’ meeting on the basis of a written proposal of the Council of the Association.