Jednorázový kód

Disposable on-line statement allows consumers to obtain on-line statement from Register FO and Register IČ. The statement is delivered to the e-mail. The basis of the service is disposable code which can be used on the web


Fyzická osoba a fyzická osoba podnikatel

Price of the one code is 200 CZK and for three codes is 400 CZK.

Codes will be delivered to your email one day after we receive your payment. If you prefer delivery by post the codes will be sent into own hands of requestor by post.

After you fill and send Electronic request for SMS distribution you have to send payment from your own internet banking (your bank account have to be registered to your own name for purposes of identity verification). Payments from accounts with different name than name of requestor are not accepted. Payments from bank accounts from non czech bank are not accepted. Payments by direct deposit to the account are not accepted.

Number of bank account for payment for request and variable symbol will be send by the email after sending your Eletronic request.

After we recive your payment the Client service of the SOLUS association will contact you for short monitored confirmation call for confirmation of your request. After the confirmation call the codes will be send to email. If the Client service of the SOLUS association can´t reach you on the phone they will send you SMS with request for calling back.

Natural person will receive statement from Register FO, Natural person – entrepreneur will receive statement from Registru IČ.

Právnická osoba

Price of the one code is 200 CZK and for three codes is 400 CZK.

The codes will be send to the legal entities only by post to the own hand of the requestor.
Payment can be paid from any bank account or by direct deposit to the company bank account.

After we recieve your payment the request will be processed and send by registered mail into own hands of requestor to the address from request.

Legal entity will recieve statement from the Register IČ.


Jednorázový kód

What is Online statement service?

Online statement allows you to instantly receive an on-line statement from the Register FO  and the Register IČ.

The basis is one-time code that you fill to the form on and in return you will get current statement from the register to your mailbox.

How to get codes for Online statement?

You have to send an order via the form. Fill the obligatory fields. Choose type of delivery of the codes (e-mail or by the mail) and count of the codes (one or three). Accept Terms and conditions of the service and pay the price (payment information will be send to your e-mail).

You have to pay from an account that is led to your name (the name of the applicant), in case you wish to deliver the codes to your e-mail box

You should pay by transfer from any account or use direct deposit in case you wish to deliver the codes by mail.

What information does Online statement contain?

The online statement is composed from a letter and attachments. The letter contains information about subject of the statement, sum of the overdue debts and number of companies that reported the overdue debt. In the attachments, you will find a complete list of records including details of records.

How to understand information from the Online statement?

If you have no record in the registry, then you will see this information:

souhrn bez záznamu pro fyzickou osobu podnikatelesummary of debts for natural person with no debts

detail bez záznamu Registr IČdetail without debts from Register IČ

If you have record with the debt in the registry, then you will see for example this information:

souhrn s dluhem po splatnosti pro fyzickou osobusummary with the debt for natural person

In the attachment for example:

detail s dluhem po splatnosti Registr FOdetail with the debt Register FO

If you have record with the paid debt in the registry, then you will see for example this information:

sumář zaplaceno pro fyzickou osobusummary for the paid debt

In the attachment for example:

detail zaplaceno Registr FOdetail paid dent Register FO

A detailed overview includes a payment date from which the period for deletion runs


What does a code look like ?

The code is in the form of:


For example:

Code is valid for 13 months.

Code can be used only once.

Why can't I choose the email delivery if I haven't my own bank account?

Payment from one’s own account serves as one of the measures to verify the identity of the applicant. If we do not confirm the applicant name with a name in incoming payment and make subsequent confirmation phone call, then we can not send the codes by e-mail.

How long does it take to receive codes?

Delivery usually takes 2-3 business days. The second business day of receipt of the payment is sent by e-mail or by post.


How fast is the delivery of the statement after using the code?

The code will be processed within working hours within two hours of sending the application.

How are the codes and statements secured?

Codes and code-based statements are delivered in a password-protected form. The password will arrive via SMS to the mobile phone number given to us in the application. The password is always six capital letters, for example: NCBRNX.

Pdf with codes is not displayed correctly, what should I do?

The files with response are in .pdf format and we recommend opening it on a personal computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (download here).